Consulting Services

A variety of services are offered to WSD clients to help them improve performance. These services begin with an in-depth assessment of the client’s environment and staff. WSD consultants, trainers, and coaches then create interventions that move the organization towards increased performance.

Organization and Leadership Development Support (Retained Service)

Workforce Systems Design provides on-going organization development (OD) and leadership development support to organizations that need flexible options to staff OD and leadership projects. WSD consultants work with small firms to provide “big firm” OD staff and with large OD departments who need support with short-term or long-term OD efforts. Consultants are able to provide expertise on training, coaching, consulting, management development, workforce development, group dynamics and strategic planning.

WSD consultants have decades of experiences as practitioners, researchers, business leaders and college professors in premier graduate programs in the United States and abroad. This service is most economical for firms that want to budget a variety of OD activities on a limited or short-term budget. It can also be useful for firms exploring the need for an OD and leadership development function in their organizations.

Executive Team Assessments and Development

Workforce Systems Design consultants provide senior leader and executive team development to clients who are interested in improving leadership team performance. WSD starts by interviewing key leaders and determining the engagement approach. The consulting engagement begins with a series of qualitative and quantitative assessments such as the 360 degree instrument, talent management tools, personality instruments (MBTI), interview protocols, and group discussions.

WSD consultants create an effectiveness profile for the team. With this profile and basic assessments, individual and team feedback are provided. A development schedule is then created which includes coaching, training, and an executive offsite designed to transform the leadership team and create a vision for the future. WSD consultants then work with the organization’s internal resources to transfer the capacity to its staff as a core competency to sustain the leaders’ development for years to come.

Leadership Academy Development

Workforce Systems Design provides external support for systemically developing leaders in organizations for improving organizational performance and establishing a framework for succession planning. Consultants and specialists develop a competency framework for leadership development and the necessary coursework to prepare leaders at varying stages for the challenges of leading and managing today’s workforce. If the organization has an existing competency framework, WSD instructional designers will create the coursework, reinforce development, and coach to develop leaders.

This will involve aligning leadership development direction with organization growth strategy and other initiatives. With this information, consultants developed a tier system to address needs of front line, mid-level, and executive leaders. We can offer a full range of courses on leadership topics including emotional intelligence, basic leadership awareness, managing conflict, etc. WSD offers the additional steps of helping the organization measure effectiveness of these leaders and apply new skills in the workplace.

Learning and Development Coursework (Training and More)

Workforce Systems Design provides organizations with flexible training, development, and learning solutions to enhance employee and leader development. Consultants trained in multiple disciplines including instructional design, adult learning, psychology, management, and organizational development. These consultants work with organization’s key staff to conduct training needs analysis and design of courses. WSD training and learning specialists then deliver the courses or provide “train the trainers” to client staff to deliver the training.

WSD courses are integrated into the learning and development system of clients and aligned to the strategic direction of the organization. WSD learning specialists and trainers can deliver a wide variety of topics including dealing with ambiguity, basic leadership awareness, executive seminars, MBTI sessions, and instruction on more than 40 other topics.

Team Building and Team Development

Workforce Systems Design provides team building and more advanced team development to teams that want to improve performance as part of a healthy organizational regimen as well as to firms that have identified teams in crises. WSD consultants and facilitators work with OD/HR staff to identify teams and their expectations and then develop a protocol that may include providing coursework, coaching, and planning to improve the teams’ performance.

WSD uses common protocols to develop skills relating to personalities in teams, dealing with conflict, and team effectiveness. Consultants can even work with team leaders and members to develop goals, objectives and tactical plans to improve team performance.

Organization Climate Assessment

Workforce Systems Design provides a variety of services to assist organizations in assessing climate, employee engagement, and work life balance perceptions within their workforce. Using a variety of techniques and tools, WSD consultants and analysts measure quantitatively and qualitatively the state of the organization. WSD consultants have a great deal of experience helping employers identify the level of employee satisfaction and climate. Not only do we measure current state of the workforce, we have the ability to make predictions on satisfaction, work life balance, future retention, and leadership fit.

WSD consultants and coaches work with the client organization to disseminate the results and engage in action planning to improve organization performance. WSD has a unique approach to action planning called Integrative Learning Groups (ILG) that makes the organization climate assessment data meaningful and leads employees at all levels to be part of improving the organization’s climate. It is a value-added.

Human Capital Planning

Workforce Systems Design provides firms with expertise in planning for workforce development and talent management issues including recruiting, selecting, orienting, developing, training, evaluating, and managing knowledge. WSD consultants work closely with organization and HR leaders to define human capital needs and then develop a strategy to ensure the best possible workforce and work life balance. This may include best practice research, stakeholder analysis, review of current HR practices and procedures, functional analysis and training of HR staff in both transactional and transformation HR tactics.

Change Management (Project Based and Retained Service)

Workforce Systems Design provides change management support and planning for organizations attempting to implement new initiatives. WSD consultants and change management specialists work with leaders to determine how to best implement new strategies, deploy technology, and build change capacity throughout an organization. Activities may include sponsorship development, stakeholder analysis, change planning, evaluating implementation, and change communication. Recent success include implementing PeopleSoft and ADP projects and advising on large-scale change related to ERP implementations.

WSD consultants are some of the best change management practitioners available continually investing in improvement and serving as adjunct professors in some of the nations leading OD graduate programs. WSD consultants help organizations deal with current change initiatives while transferring knowledge that the organizations can use with future changes.

Strategic Planning

Workforce Systems Design provides strategic planning using a variety of methods and approaches designed to help clients plan for immediate and long term performance improvement. Consultants and planners work with client leaders to address lessons learned, the current state, external factors, operational resources, technology, and human resource aspects of strategic planning.

WSD consultants help clients discover stakeholder needs and then develop mission, vision, goals and objectives to meet those needs. Then a course of action planning is implemented to ensure that the strategy is realized to its fullest potential. WSD uses successful strategic planning models to make strategic planning a manageable process that is cascaded throughout the organization.